Effects of Radon Testing in Venice, FL

Radon Testing will determine the radon levels in a building. The affects of radon have been researched and documented. The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Academy of Sciences, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), United States Surgeon General and including the EPA, have classified radon as a known human carcinogen, because of the enormous amount of biological and epidemiological clear evidence and data which shows the link between exposure to radon and lung cancer in human beings as well as risk to pets.


Radon Authority provides radon services to many Florida counties. Those services include Radon test and radon testing, radon inspection and radon mitigation.

For all of our Radon Fan customers as well as all of our fellow Radon Professionals:
As so many small businesses and companies are being shut down that are not considered “life sustaining,” we at Festa Radon wanted to reach out and share with you our thoughts and direction.
Under Pennsylvania guidelines, Festa Radon Technologies is allowed to continue serving our customers in several separate categories. We believe this would translate to the companies and professionals that we serve being considered “life sustaining” as well, and they are considered to fall under the life sustaining categories of "Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services” as well as “Support services for buildings and dwellings.”
It would be difficult to argue that the remediation of radon gas problems isn’t life sustaining. We serve the community by making indoor air safe for the occupants of homes and buildings by preventing a government recognized class A carcinogen from entering. This is especially important during this health crisis since, like Coronavirus (COVID-19), radon also attacks the lungs. We serve many cancer patients, and specifically Lung Cancer survivors, who depend on our services.
Additionally, most radon professionals also provide environmental remediation services such as VOC, CO, and other stray gasses that present a danger even more immediate than radon. Radon and Environmental professionals provide a necessary service in protecting the public’s health for times exactly like these. I believe this is one very important reason why so many radon professionals are busy right now with the public’s concern about their health - especially being confined to their homes for up to 24 hours a day.
We encourage all radon professionals to keep themselves, their crews, and their customers safe by taking all necessary precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic but, we at Festa Radon believe it is imperative to continue to serve our customers and protect the public from the dangers of radon and other indoor air quality hazards, especially when they are vulnerable form this new danger in Coronavirus.
Daryl Festa





Many Venice, Florida residents do not  know what Radon Gas is. Without knowing what this human carcinogen is all about, one would not have any idea about the danger elevated radon levels can cause to health and well being. The majority of Americans know that the number one cause of lung cancer in the U.S. is caused by smoking. Exposure to high or elevated levels of toxic radon is the second cause of lung cancer. According to EPA, Radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. About 2,900 of these deaths occur among people who have never smoked.

We invite you to call and schedule Radon Testing Inspection and Radon Mitigation Today. Your life may depend on it!

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    Is There Radon Gas In Venice FL Homes And Businesses?

    Is Radon Testing Necessary?

    Should I Test?

    The answer to all three questions is a definite yes! Elevated Radon Levels have been found in buildings throughout the Venice FL area. Radon Authority offers FL Certified Radon Testing in Venice and surrounding cities. We are your local Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation Contractor. We are certified to test for Radon and Inspect Radon Mitigation Systems. A home inspector who is not FL Certified in Radon Mitigation CANNOT LEGALLY Inspect a Radon System, Nor Can he or she comment on Radon Mitigation. As we know, according to FL Radon Statute, it is a felony to do so. Contact Us Today for Radon Testing, Radon Mitigation or to Inspect a Radon Mitigation System. We are here to serve our community and save lives!

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