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Is Radon Testing Necessary Radon Mitigation Radon Authority Testing Mitigation 300 Roma Rd, Venice, FL 941-706-1815
Is There Radon In Venice Radon Authority Test Mitigation 300 Roma Rd, Venice, FL 941-706-1815

As we understand more about radon causing cancer and study the unfortunate effects of radon gas

We invite you to call and schedule Radon Testing Inspection and Radon Mitigation Today. Your life may depend on it!

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    What Venice FL Residents Need To Know About Radon Gas

    Radon is chemical symbol Rn on the periodic table. Radon is odorless, it’s colorless and it’s also a radioactive gas. Radon is found and comes from naturally decaying process of uranium and radium which can be found in just about every type of rock and soils around the world. Radon gas has the ability to travel and move into buildings from the ground. The gas seeps in through floors or walls that are in contact with the ground. In Florida, Radon can also seep in from poured concrete walls. To give a more in depth scientific understanding regarding the science behind radon, here are science facts:

    Science facts about Radon

    *Atomic number [number of protons in the nucleus]: 86

    *Atomic symbol [periodic table of elements specified]: Rn

    *Atomic weight [atom average mass]: 222

    *Density specific: ;9.073 grams per liter

    *Phase at room temperature: Gas particles

    *Melting point: minus 95 degrees Fahrenheit

    *Boiling point: minus 79 F or minus 61.7 C

    *Number of isotopes [atoms within same element         containing  different neutron amounts]

    *Most common of radon isotope: Rn-222 [half life of 3.823 days]



    Is There Radon Gas In Venice FL Homes And Businesses?

    Is Radon Testing Necessary?

    Should I Test?

    The answer to all three questions is a definite yes! Elevated Radon Levels have been found in buildings throughout the Venice FL area. Radon Authority offers FL Certified Radon Testing in Venice and surrounding cities. We are your local Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation Contractor. We are certified to test for Radon and Inspect Radon Mitigation Systems. A home inspector who is not FL Certified in Radon Mitigation CANNOT LEGALLY Inspect a Radon System, Nor Can he or she comment on Radon Mitigation. As we know, according to FL Radon Statute, it is a felony to do so. Contact Us Today for Radon Testing, Radon Mitigation or to Inspect a Radon Mitigation System. We are here to serve our community and save lives!

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