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Important Facts About Radon


Radon Known To Be The Second Cause Of Lung Cancer In The United States.

A report conducted by National Research Council is suggesting radon to be the second cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon testing is so important when conducting a radon inspection. It is so important to limit exposure in your home and protect your your family against lung cancer caused by radon exposure. Radon enters homes by penetrating through porus crawl spaces, foundations cracks, windows and even building materials. The fact is, radon testing saves lives. More about Radon Authority here.


Here Are The Warning Signs:

Since this gas cannot be seen, smelled or, tasted, we have no warning signs of its presence. The only way to determine if radon exisists at high levels is to get a radon inspection. Radon Testing is the only way to know your levels.


Radon Inspection Help:

Why should I get radon testing in my home? When it comes to radon inspection help, we consider ourselves the authority in all aspects of radon, hence our name sake (Radon Authority).

It is vitally important that a home is checked and inspected for radon gas since Florida Health Radon department has issued a statement confirming 1 in 5 Florida homes, including Tampa, has elevated radon. This means that you and your family could be living in a dangerous home full of a toxic gas, which has been found to cause lung cancer.

It only takes one particle of radon to cause lung cancer to form and grow in lungs. It can effect all ages and all creeds of people. In fact, studies have even shown there is an effect of pets as well.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Tampa Florida or you already live in a Tampa condo or house, we advise that you find out the radon level in the home. A radon inspection can consist or radon testing and if there is a radon system in place, we can check the radon mitigation system as well.

A professional radon test will determine what the levels are running at. A short term radon test will consist of using a continuous radon monitor to measure and sample air. A short term radon test usually lasts about 48 hours.

Call Tampa Radon Authority to set up an appointment for radon testing and radon inspection.



Do VA Loans require a Radon Inspection?

We are often asked which loans require a radon inspection in homes with VA financing.

As of the time of this article, VA is recommending a radon inspection or radon testing but is not requiring the test.  In the case of new construction, the home builder is required to certify that radon-resistant construction techniques were used and that they meet local and/or state building code in that area for radon control.

When is Radon a Problem?

 According to EPA , radon is radioactive. It is a gas that has been proven in studies to cause lung cancer. As radon is released from a normal form of decay, the elements, thorium, uranium and radium in soil and rocks it passes through the soils.  Invisible, tasteless, and odorless, this gas seeps up and through the ground as it diffuses into the atmosphere.

Major health organizations such as World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  American Medical Association and American Lung Association are all in agreement that radon gas causes many thousands of lung cancer deaths that could be prebentable each year.

In even a greater capacity, smokers bare an even greater risk compared to non-smokers.

How to Inspect for Radon

Radon Inspection or radon testing is not difficult if you choose a well establish company with skilled and certified testers. The process is not very time consuming, or the price is reasonable when it comes to prenting radon-induced lung cancer.

Radon Authority uses reliable testing devices during a radon inspection.  We partner with Florida certified labs when using testing pouches for large project and we use continuous monitors for testing and inspection homes and condos.

Radon FAQs

How can homes with elevated radon levels be fixed?

The answer is simply yes. There are ways to solve to dangerous radon in homes. There are hundreds of thousands people in the U.S. that have already fixed the issue.

Radon mitigation is offered in nearly every case where reduction is needed after a radon inspection. The costs in Tampa, Florida can vary from home to home and can depend on the level.

Which type of homes can radon affect?

The construction Tampa home can affect radon levels. The materials used do have an effect, because radon could be enemating from the concrete. However, radon can usually always be traced to the soil under the home.

Is radon only a problem in certain areas of Tampa?

Absolutely, high radon levels have been found during inspection in every part of Tampa.  The severety of the radon level can vary from home to home. Testing for radon is the only way to know.

My neighbors are testing for radon, does that indicate that my home has a problem?

The answer is no. Even a next door neighbor can have extreme radon levels, but a home a hundred feet away cannot. Levels often vary from homes next door an elevated level  home. Testing during a radon inspection can indicate a radon problem or concern. Radon inspection services are vital to knowing what your indoor environment quality is.


Is it problematic to sell a home with a radon problem?

The simple answer is that fixed homes with previous high radon elevations have shown home sales are not blocked or stalled, simply because the radon situation has been taken care of after found during radon inspection. This mitigation protection can be an excellent selling feature. It's all about safe indoor enviornment.

During home construction, is any type a radon certificate required?

Check with local municipalities when building a home. Be sure the builder allows a radon inspection once the home is built and sealed. Radon testing can be performed at that time. If the home is found to have high radon, here are photos of what a radon system may look like.

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