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Reducing Lung Cancer Risk From Radon:

Radon = The Decay of Products
When describing the method in which Radon becomes its radioactive decay state, we begin with the process of turning into a series of solid radioactive decay products.
When we breath radon particles into our lungs, we inhale and deposit these particles into and on the bronchial epithelium. Two of these solid decay products called polonium-218 and polonium-214, deliver radiogenic doses to lungs. Research shows the alpha-emitting radon-decay products are clear and accurately identified as the  cause of radon-induced lung cancer. 
Radon Decay Products Process- Radon Authority Testing & Mitigation 300 Roma Rd, Venice, FL 34285 941-706-1815

Radon Authority Offers Experience

More than 30 years of experience is offered to our customers every day. Radon testing saves lives. People moving into a new home have a decision to make. Should they test their new home for radon prior to buying and closing on the home. The answer is firmly yes. If you care about the quality of air you and your family will be breathing while living at this home, you have a duty to your own health and the health of those living in this environment to test radon levels. Radon is a killer. Call Radon Authority Testing & Mitigation to set up an appointment 941-706-1815



and Insured

Unlike many Florida Radon Mitigation Specialist, Radon Authority personnel carry what is needed to obtain permits when needed and credentials to install and test radon gas.

Florida General Contractor (CGC) License  #CGC1507691


Florida Radon Mitigation Specialist Certified #R2506



Florida Radon Testing Certified #R2505



National Radon Safety Board member



InterNACHI Member




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Technology  &  Technique

We at Radon Authority, consider it our duty to use only the latest technology and technique to test radon and remediate the gas. Our motto is to keep our clients safe with every radon system we install. That means we do not cause more harm by installing abatement systems that cause mold while trying to lower high radon levels. We guarantee no mold issues will occur from our radon system installations.

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